Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


This Week in The Lund Letter:  
>   Staff passion creates winners
>   Enhance your morning show
>   Creating great imaging
>   Amazon’s amazing reach and the latest media trends

Lund Programming Clinic: Put Passion Into Your Presentation

highfive.jpgWatching the World Series, you observe the intensity and passion of the players on the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  In a game winning walk-off hit, you see the entire team mobbing the player who made the hit.  After players score, the team welcomes them back into the dugout with high fives.  When a fielder makes an outstanding play, the pitcher gives them a salute.  Whether a player makes a key hit or a key defensive play, you see the bench erupt in cheers.  The display of emotion gives a team’s fans a sense of enthusiasm for the game of baseball because its participants make the game more entertaining for the spectators.  Your station needs to capture that excitement.

With smaller staffs, voice-tracking and the use of out of market air talent, many radio stations have lost this sense of passion that comes with Stationality.  Radio should harness this key ingredient in generating excitement.  Whether a staff member voices several stations in the cluster or the station utilizes out of town voice-trackers, passion for the station’s music, promotions and presentation should be encouraged.   Tactics:

+   Encourage your air staff to view YouTube performances by the artists played on the station.

+   Before every major station promotion, have a meeting attended by all those in programming to explain every aspect and present this promotion in an exciting way.

+   Direct your morning team to communicate to the other airstaff members successful morning segments daily and what’s in store for the next morning show.

+   Communicate to the staff positive responses about the promotion or music, including emails, listener calls, Facebook comments, or concert reviews by listeners.

Like baseball players, a radio station’s airstaff can help build a loyal fan base by utilizing passion in their on-air presentation.  Make all station promotions exciting, tease upcoming content, front and back-sell music, and cross-plug other dayparts.  The station goal is to inspire and cultivate the audience.

You have a growth strategy in place ……. right?

qualitycontrolz.jpgIs your programming the best it can be?  Do you have the best formatics in place whether your format is music or spoken word?  Would you like more listeners and more revenue?  We are here for you with a cost efficient and timely fix.  The Lund Programming Evaluation consists of a review of your stations and competitors and examines everything that impacts audience and revenue – music, talents, presentation, competitors, market holes, assets and opportunities.  Our top-to-bottom review includes a success strategy and programming tune-up.  Contact John Lund and set up a call to discuss how a timely Program Evaluation of your stations can bring you more listeners and revenue.


Lund Management Memo: Morning Show Tune-Up

Six tips for morning show enhancement:

1.   Make sure your content breaks are captivating from the first words.  The majority of listeners make a “buying choice” for further interest/listening within three seconds of the start of a break.  Get into the content fast!

2.   Integrate your social media with the air show.  Don’t make listeners wait for content you promise, and build the social conversation and relate that on air.

3.   Your station app should include an alarm feature that allows people to wake to your station.  You want to be their automatic source.

4.   Make sure your station is awake when your listeners are.  Morning shows that start at 6AM are almost certainly behind the curve.

5.   “What’s Trending” is hot.  Talents need interesting stories with audio, and these can be worked through the show.  Capture video for the website and Facebook.

6.   Don’t rely on national show prep services; sound “Locally Relatable”.  This quality sets local radio apart from other shows, syndicated programs and websites.  Conduct comprehensive show prep daily – and deliver info that the audience wants to know about that day.  Create a list of the Top 3 big events – those stories on everyone’s mind each morning, and use these topics often through the show.

Amp Up Your Morning Show 

morningshowcover.pngImprove the planning, presentation and sound of your morning show.  The Lund Morning Show Guide has all the tools your star talents need to grow and sound better… including our Morning Show Daytimer to plan every break, 50 Top Morning Show Benchmarks providing new ideas for bits, and 25 Morning Show Essentials to fine-tune the performance.  To improve the sound and execution of your morning show – and all talent shows – order the Lund Morning Show Guide.

Lund’s Top 3:  Creating Stationality in Imaging 

Top3B.jpgHow do you create a remarkable radio station with Stationality? Writing and producing radio promos is an art. Fun promos challenge the imagination and illustrate the synergism of the station, show business, and the station attitude. Promos and liners aggressively pitch listening benefits and get people to listen longer. Also, they sell the station image and persona, and clearly enunciate the unique benefits our programming provides.

Great promos and exciting production get the audience involved and listening more carefully. They have a catalytic effect on the audience in that they super-charge the station and make it stand out in the listener’s mind. These promos can accomplish a lot for the station:

1.   Break the laws of convention by sounding exciting and unique.

2.   Instill innovation as opposed to ho-hum preservation.

3.   Sound rebellious or unconventional (depending on format).

Creating Stationality in Promos continues next week.  Visit for more Top 3’s!

Brighten Your On-Air Sound

writingpic.jpgYour imaging liners should be creative and fun, and they need to reinforce the station image.  Refresh your imaging liners today – Order 100 creative imaging liner scripts today.  For music stations order here, and News-Talk order here.


Programming great stations does not occur by accident.  There is a science, and that science, not unlike technology, is constantly changing.  Yet, there are  “basics” in 2018 that remain common on all successful stations.  There are also trends that impact all successful station.  Tomorrow,indiana.pngNovember 1, John Lund will address the Indiana Broadcasters and provide a workshop for programmers and managers to help them garner more listeners, greater ratings, and more revenue.

If you are not a broadcaster in Indiana (but one of 10,000+ readers of the Lund Letter), you can contact John to speak at your state or regional convention or corporate meeting.  John will customize a topical audio-visual presentation for your members’ needs.  Contact John Lund

Promotion of the Week: Fresh Start

christmasbatts.jpgThis promotion puts the charge in Christmas.  Tie in with a local recycling service or green-thinking business to encourage “trading in” old batteries for special discounts. It can be held in cooperation with any store that sells batteries or battery operated tools, toys, etc.  Many people receive such items for Christmas and by mid-January need new batteries. Sell a campaign stressing the importance of recycling with a retailer who cares.  It is a good community service project and a great sales incentive.

Are you marketing to General Managers or Program Directors and want to reach the 10,000 readers of the Lund Letter? Email John Lund.

Lund Trend Watch:

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

blackvcyber.pngAlmost a third (31%) of holiday shoppers will do most of their shopping on Black Friday, according to  22% say they will do most of their shopping on Cyber Monday.  68% of Black Friday shoppers will do so online.  Expected to have the best Black Friday deals?  Here’s the top five:

1.   Amazon (29%)
2.   Walmart (25%)
3.   Target (15%)
4.   Best Buy (14%)
5.   Kohl’s (11%)

In addition, 24% of shoppers price compare Black Friday deals from other retailers on Amazon.

Amazon Has a Staggering Reach

amazonlogo.jpg96% of consumers have visited in the last year, according to research conducted by GroupM’s Catalyst, a search and social specialist shop.    A huge number, but really… do you actually know anyone who hasn’t at least looked up an item on Amazon?  Also according to the research, an amazing 85% of browsing and purchasing occurs with third-party sellers (non-Amazon retailers selling through Amazon’s trusted site).

Alexa, Order More…

alexa1711LL.jpgA new study by Visa and Pymnts shows that smart speaker ownership has risen from 14% in 2017 to 27% in 2018.  That’s an increase of 88%.  Out of smart speaker owners, 28% has used them to buy things in the seven days before the survey.  The top reasons: saving time (77%) and “convenience improving the quality of life” (74%).

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Programmer’s Planner:

Today: Halloween!hhwitchbow.jpg
Nov 4: Daylight Saving Time ends (set clocks back an hour)
Nov 6: Election Day
Nov 11: 44th People’s Choice Awards air (E!)
Nov 12: Veterans Day observed (actual 11/11)
Nov 14: 52nd Annual CMA Awards air (ABC)
Nov 22: Thanksgiving Day
Nov 23: Black Friday
Dec 3: first day of Chanukah/Hanukkah
Dec 5: last day of the Nielsen fall diary sweep (and the Dec PPM)
Dec 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Dec 16: 2018 Miss Universe airs (Fox)

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