Radio Consulting

Lund Media Group is the premier radio programming consulting firm in North America.

Lund Media is a radio programming and broadcast management consulting firm with decades of expertise and audience growth in all mainstream radio formats. John Lund leads a team of six experienced consultants and program specialists nationwide.

Lund Media Group assists digital networks, media organizations, and radio stations in obtaining targeted programming, higher revenues, and increased profitability. We are experts at achieving audience and ratings in all market sizes. We assist stations with music, formatics, marketing, promotion, sales, and talent development.

Our research division provides stations with perceptual research, focus group research, listener advisory panels, music testing, and retail client research. We produce the Strategic Programming Evaluation, which analyzes a client’s station(s), including music and talent presentation, to provide management with recommendations for audience and revenue growth. The Lund team also conducts feasibility studies and market analyses for broadcast management, owners, venture capital, and media investors.

Lund Media consultants design the most listenable programming for the target audience. John has conducted hundreds of media seminars and workshops worldwide. He and his team have authored dozens of guides and books on all aspects of radio programming, promotion, and sales. We write and publish the bi-weekly Lund Letter for over 13,000 subscribers, the most-read radio programming and management newsletter worldwide.