Radio Consulting

Lund Media Group is the premier radio and programming consulting firm in North America

The firm is a multi-format custom radio programming and management consultancy with a successful track record in all mainstream formats. It assists with all aspects of programming including music, News-Talk, formatics, marketing, sales, and talent development. Lund Media Research is a full service broadcast research company that provides stations nationwide and in foreign countries with perceptual research, focus group research, music testing, retail client research, and internet studies. The company produces feasibility studies and market analysis for venture capitalists and media investors.

In addition, the Lund team also provides television broadcasters with experts in news programming consulting, entertainment programming to achieve higher ratings, audience research and focus groups, hiring and training.

The two companies assist media organizations and radio stations obtain targeted programming, higher revenues, and increased profitability. Lund client stations benefit from a team of experienced consultants and researchers with backgrounds in marketing, radio programming, research, management, talent training, guidance, and radio sales. We are experts at achieving ratings results for Nielsen in PPM and diary markets, as well as Eastlan rated markets.