Top 40

Lund-consulted CHR stations deliver excitement, energy, and saleable 18-49 listeners.  CHR is a more than playing the hits.  We help your station achieve a precise music blend for your market, because most markets are nothing like New York City or Los Angeles.  We wrap it in interactive social devices and exciting promotions to keep your listeners engaged.

Of course, music is the prime element.  We know how to balance the need for trendiness and new music with the desire for a familiar fit.  From Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran to Pitbull and Demi Lovato.  We help your station blend the hits in a solid on-air presentation.

Lund CHR has Sex Appeal and Stationality®… from Watertown and Ithaca, NY, to Santa Rosa and Ukiah, CA – with lots of CHR successes in between – Shreveport, San Diego, St. Louis to Grand Cayman Island.

Adult Contemporary

Hot or Not! The Lund Consultants are masters of female-friendly AC, the Adult Contemporary format that powers high ratings and higher revenue! Gold-based, Mainstream, Bright AC, or Hot AC – each market is unique; your AC must be competitively programmed to garner tune-in and grab listeners by their ears.

The lines between Hot AC and CHR continue to be blurred.  Artists such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Echosmith, and Sam Smith blur the lines between these formats.  There are many artists and songs that are also shared with Bright AC that often enter airplay on a different time cycle.  Multiple format play and exposure on TV shows can burn songs to a crisp before they exit current play. We watch the burn scores to help your station avoid sounding stale and playing songs that bring listener fatigue. Sometimes, what you don’t play is just as important to ratings success.

Lund programmed AC delivers results with adults…and clients have enjoyed ratings impact from Los Angeles to New York City, and lots of cities in between – Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Missoula, Winchester, Dayton, McAllen-Brownsville – and American Forces Radio and TV worldwide.


The Lund Consultants have been winning at Country longer than any other consulting firm – and for good reason! Lund pioneered the contemporary Country format in Birmingham, Tulsa and San Antonio with dominant ratings, and clients continue to score top demos. Columbia, MO; Salt Lake City; Richmond; Lima, OH; and Kingston, Ontario are only a few markets that benefit from Lund expertise in understanding the precise country music mix for that market’s Country life group.

The format currently has a wealth of new talent and a depth of solid acts. Nashville may try to introduce too many unknowns while ignoring the stable acts. Country’s biggest enemy is the clone machine where too many songs sound alike.  We use special coding to let familiar popular artists drive your format.   Country remains an artist-driven format.  Luke Bryan, The Zac Brown Band, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are among the marquee names.  Newcomers like Kelsea Ballerini and Sam Hunt are showing that they can produce hits equal to the A list.

Classic Country is growing; we pioneered the format in Eau Claire, WI with successes in Springfield, MO and Hot Springs, AR. Ask us to identify your specific Country core and program the format blend to make your station a winner!

Classic Hits

Whether or not you saw “Pirate Radio,” this is the format that captures all the fun of radio. There’s nothing like the Lund Classic Hits sound custom tailored to your market. Our personalized approach is a secret recipe (eat your heart out, Colonel Sanders!)… and it makes your station a ratings winner.

Arbitron’s PPM has given new life to Classic Hits – it’s a cuming monster. Classic Hits “grew up” by jettisoning the 60s and focusing on 70s hits. 25-54 demos are strong. Audience composite and competition determines the specific Lund programming sound, and it’s made ratings history in York, Duluth, Portland, Bismarck, Edmonton, and Kona, Hawaii. Our Classic Hits stations outperform others across America.  Oldies has also shown tremedous strength in the PPM ratings, and is making a big comeback.

News Talk Sports

Your clients appreciate the large qualitative audience, terrific demos, and formatic tuning of Lund-designed “must-hear” News-Talk and Sports radio. While Rush is credited for bringing back AM, he continues to ride high in ratings. The Lund Consultants, Inc. work hard to keep the audience strong and coming back. The contemporary talk formats work magic on AM or FM, with or without the top tier syndicated talk shows.

The network shows already sound too similar, and there are precious few local shows anymore. The local ones that exist will do well to chart their own course and not try to copy the talking heads. Look for someone to break through and actually allow callers to be part of the mix again.

For compelling content, an active audience, and sizzling promotions and liners, talk “talk radio” with The Lund Consultants. We’ve made the format a top ratings and revenue attraction for clients across the US…in Lincoln, Eugene, New York, Milwaukee, Youngstown, Reno, Grand Forks, and even in Cape Girardeau, MO – Rush Limbaugh’s home town! We deliver audience and ratings to radio.


The Lund Consultants custom-design the music, talent approach, creative promotions, selling tools, and demographic attraction to your market. This format needs careful programming since it’s getting less fresh music than before. The off-radio influences of downloads and college acts provide some freshness. Programming the format successfully takes rock solid expertise and researched music that connects with listeners – whether you’re in Springfield, MO; San Jose; Fargo; Flagstaff or Spokane.

Classic Rock

One of America’s best adult formats for at-work listening. Classic Rock takes the right music, rock and roll passion, and Lund know-how to capture quarter hours. Today’s Classic Rock is carefully constructed and our consulted sound has evolved, as witnessed in Missoula, St. George, Ft. Collins, Grand Forks, Topeka, Joplin, and, most recently, Flint, Michigan. And if your market is youthful, consider the Lund “Rock Classics” format that focuses on 80s-90s Rock hits. Ask The Lund Consultants to build your city on rock and roll.

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