Workshops and Seminars

Lund Radio: Speaking & ConferencesJohn Lund delivers a dazzling multimedia presentation on the Future of Radio for broadcast conventions and corporate meeting. Radio listeners have many audio choices on their smart phone, at home, in car, in office, online, etc., BUT Radio survives and thrives! John’s seminar “Amps Up” attendees with an exciting positive presentation about Radio’s future – enhanced by pictures and music. Each workshop is totally customized with timely programming and management topics for your members.

  • Programming Basics for Managers and Programmers
  • Radio Trends and Biggest Assets – Localism & Relatability
  • Radio’s Digital Future and Audience Growth
  • Connectivity – What Listeners Want From Radio
  • TV-Radio News & Marketing – Designed for Both Radio and TV

It’s about time someone has some good news about radio – how well it’s doing against new media like Pandora. “Resiliency – The Future of Radio!” That’s the topic of John Lund’s positive, fast-moving, keynote presentation and what your members need to hear and see. What about our new digital competitors? Radio is Rock Solid! John Lund’s energized presentation details the basics of radio, and how to make stations better equipped to handle the digital age. This presentation will be customized and expanded to meet your members’ programming and marketing needs.