Special Services

Insight, Passion & Experience

With over 20 years of experience, Lund Media Group provides programming, music consulting, operational guidance, sales assistance, and research to commercial and public radio stations throughout North America and broadcast companies overseas.

Lund Media Group brings neutral eyes to unlock new opportunities. We help managers unlock the potential of their stations and don’t “sell” a single format or show.

There is no cookie-cutter solution… we look at each situation and offer the best approach for our clients. We know that every market is unique.

Lund Media Group helps clients with targeting local programming and sales solutions, not some cast-in-stone satellite offering or format-in-a-box plan. Lund Special Services are totally customized to client needs.

Lund Media Group works with stations in all market sizes and with all mainstream formats.

Whether the station is all music, all talk, all sports, or a unique combination, the Lund Goal is to help stations get more listeners, keep them listening longer, and increase revenue. Lund Media Group is a multi-format custom programming and management consultancy. Check the rest of this page to explore what we do beyond consulting and research.

Sales & Programming Recovery

Help your station get on track to increase audience and revenue. Radio revenue is coming back, finally! Consider this Lund Recovery Plan: The Lund Strategic Sales & Programming Analysis provides an impartial and in-depth review of your station operation, selling system, and programming.

What do we do?


  • Review sales systems, presentations, and goals.
  • Accompany reps on sales calls; note strengths and weaknesses.
  • Conduct needs analysis and work on individual selling areas.
  • Set goals and track achievements.


  • Monitor and review on-air programming; identify strengths and weaknesses of your stations and key competitors.
  • Meet with talents, review their performances, and conduct programming workshop.
  • Analyze music software and offer improvements to playlists and rotations.
  • Review programming and sales promotions, available ratings, formatics, and your News-Talk AM; suggest enhancements for summer and fall.


  • Write an action plan detailing sales and programming changes to improve programming and track and grow your sales.
  • Available to provide weekly music and programming guidance, follow-up sales tracking reviews, ongoing sales promotions, and individual sales help.

This Lund service is timely, cost-efficient, and improves the sales and programming. We provide actionable ways to improve sales and the selling system, in addition to programming and ratings. This service is customized for your station’s needs.

Special Formats

Each Market is Unique.

Lund Media Research often dictates a format that is as special as an individual station’s audience and corporate needs.

American Forces Network in Europe launched the Eagle format with a dozen affiliated stations in five countries using Lund Media Research and Lund-consulted music. The target audience is American troops and their families stationed overseas, and the Eagle contemporary blend became a hit format for tens of thousands.

Designing a unique format is a Lund specialty, highly dependent on the population, market and competitive factors. For example, several FM client stations are in youthful college towns and evolved from traditional 70-80s Classic Rock to a modernized 80s-90s Classic Rock to attract a younger audience.

For information on how the Lund Consultants can assist your station(s) in this or any format, contact John Lund at john@lundradio.com.

Lund Strategic Programming Evaluation

Timely, Comprehensive And Effective

Of course you want more listeners and better ratings. Maybe you are launching a station and need to know what format is best. Wouldn’t you want a timely, cost efficient market analysis of your station and the competition?

Lund Media Groups’ Strategic Programming Evaluation analyzes the market and client stations, and provides a strategic course for the future. The foundation of our review is based on what’s programmed over the air. We can conduct all aircheck reviews via website streams, but typically we visit your market for several days. We record airchecks of your stations and the competition, review your music software and past ratings, examine contests and sales promotions, and meet with your programming staff. We can also provide an analysis of your sales systems. The Lund consulting team then reviews all airchecks, writes critiques of on-air programming formatics and talents, and details a strategic analysis for each station.

Our recommendations are contained in a detailed written report. This evaluation defines programming opportunities as apparent from critical listening and provides – among other areas – a comprehensive checklist of format and execution suggestions, music playlist and software adjustments, promotional ideas, plus talent and news delivery, all to move the stations forward. The written report provides a detailed written SWOT report of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – covering music, programming, marketing, promotion, and websites.

Even if you’re in a smaller market not impacted by ratings, this evaluation will help you get more listeners to make more $$$.

For more information on our special services, contact  John Lund at 650-692-7777 or john@lundradio.com