Lund Media Research is a full service media research firm that provides broadcast companies, radio associations and stations with quantitative and qualitative perceptual research, and focus group and sales research, in addition to feasibility studies and market analysis for venture capital and investment bankers. The company has assisted radio stations obtain targeted programming, higher revenues, and increased profitability for over twenty years. Lund Media Research conducts broadcast research in the US and Canada and internationally for American Forces Radio and TV and other clients. Lund clients benefit from a team of experienced consultants and researchers with backgrounds in all aspects of media and music research. LMR is totally impartial. We research all formats and are not restricted by “one format thinking.”

Lund Media Research is a full service broadcast research firm that provides stations nationwide and in foreign countries with music research, sales and retail research, audience and perceptual studies, online internet research, and programming evaluations.

Our research ascertains the best format direction, and it doesn’t stop there. We help management implement that direction to achieve their programming and revenue goals.

The goal of assessing or designing a competitive strategic format that garners audience and advertising revenue is achievable once we know how listeners perceive the station, its competition, and what formats and station services are desired. Lund Media Research provides an outside perspective without bias that shows the best formatic options for your radio station. Research provides the most important second opinion — that of your potential listeners.

Music Research

What Listeners Want To Hear

Perfect your programming product and research music with core listeners. Playing the best-tested songs expands TSL and increases quarter hour shares. Additionally, Lund Music Director research allows your listeners to give your station a “performance review.”   Songs can be tested via phone, online, or in auditorium settings. Online audience panels are a Lund specialty with rapid turnaround, core listener targeting, and cost efficiency.

Audience Panels

What Listeners Really Think

Lund Media Research is the leading U.S. broadcast research firm specializing in audience/market research. These “perceptual” studies have resulted in hundreds of top rated stations. Lund research provides an outside perspective without bias that shows the best formatic options for your radio group, station, or “new” station. The Lund Radio Marketing Ascertainment study puts your stations on a calculated fast track to attain a larger audience. Research perfects your current format to better satisfy local listeners and clients and achieve more listeners who listen longer. Research will pinpoint audience shifts, programming holes, and unlock programming opportunities.

More listeners, ratings, and revenue result from programming the best format for target listeners with enhancements that take advantage of diary methodology and listener perceptions. We will learn where competitive stations are most vulnerable – what their strengths are as well as their weaknesses.

In addition to producing ratings, we create an audience listening profile for each station with preferred formats and music preference analysis, what’s liked and disliked by each station’s audience, and what’s needed most by core listeners. This quantitative and qualitative research project provides cost-efficient direction. Research provides the most important second opinion — that of your potential listeners.

Sales Research

Attract Clients & Keep Them Happy

Lund Media Research creates sales advisory panels for client stations to test local commercials, Top of Mind Awareness of the client or services provided, competitive perceptions, and what issues consumers have with the product or service. These panels can be surveyed online or on the phone.

The Lund Revenue Generator provides these services:

  • Targets new advertisers and taps into their marketing needs.
  • Discovers how much clients spend on all their advertising.
  • Finds which media options work best for your prospects.
  • Uncovers what retailers really think about your station and your sales department.
  • Matches the client’s target customer with your station’s demographic profile.

Media companies, stations, and broadcast associations from Sacramento to Grand Rapids utilize Lund sales research to improve radio sales.

On-Line Research

Online & On Their Minds

Every station needs to communicate with its audience and its clients often – to improve service and products; this interaction builds loyalty and continued usage. Lund Internet Service creates audience panels where listeners participate in ongoing surveys and music testing; it’s the most cost efficient means to research listeners. Clients and prospects are also contacted with the Lund branded online survey application to find new sales opportunities for the station. Audience and client surveys are totally customized to reach specific targets – increase audience or increase sales.

Programming Evaluation

Are you looking for a quick market analysis of your station and the competition?

The Lund Consultants’ Strategic Programming Evaluation analyzes the market and client stations, and provides a strategic course for the future. The foundation of our review is based on what’s programmed over the air. While we conduct some competitive aircheck reviews via website streams, we are typically in your market for several days, record airchecks of your stations and the competition, review your music software and Arbitron ratings, examine contests and sales promotions, and we meet with your programming staff. The Lund consulting team then reviews all airchecks, writes critiques of on-air programming formatics and talents, and details a strategic analysis for each station.

Our recommendations are contained in a detailed written report. This evaluation defines programming opportunities as apparent from critical listening and provides – among other areas – a comprehensive checklist of format and execution suggestions, music playlist and software adjustments, promotional ideas, plus talent and news delivery, all to move the stations forward. The written report provides a detailed written SWOT report of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – covering music, programming, marketing, promotion, and websites.