TV News Bumpers

Lund Media is the pioneer in creating Contemporary News Bumpers for TV news and News-Talk Radio stations. If your goal is to make the local TV news sound contemporary and more relatable, utilize Lund Media’s contemporary music “bumpers” when going into commercial breaks. We have a library of hundreds of specially edited hits and produce dozens of new hit music bumpers monthly. These hit music bumpers help the station sound contemporary and relevant to the target audience.

Morning TV news targets female viewers who are, in fact, often listeners. This is not unlike morning radio. Local TV stations air their early morning news starting at 5 AM or earlier as a lead-in to the network news shows at 7. The majority of the early morning news viewers are not actually watching the TV much, but listening to the audio as they conduct their busy morning routine. This local TV news is often written like radio with shorter length stories and no reference to video clips that play.

The audience is younger and more female in the early morning as compared to afternoon and evening newscasts. Many TV stations that target women 18-49 or 25-54 create an atmosphere not unlike early morning radio – with personable talents, interesting talk and news stories. The goal is to make the local morning news programs sound contemporary and more relatable. To help make the shows more “radio-friendly” many TV stations play contemporary music “bumpers” when going into commercial breaks. This is common on stations like Tribune’s KTLA in Los Angeles, Sinclair’s WBFF Baltimore and WZTV Nashville, and even CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose.

Sounding contemporary and relevant to the target audience is the goal of playing hit music bumpers in news programming on early morning TV stations.

Below are three examples of Contemporary News Bumpers

Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”

Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s”

Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”

The Lund Consultants produce music bumpers for television stations to help attract and keep more female viewers who often are just listeners. These news bumpers help morning TV news sound more contemporary and relevant. For custom music bumpers for your station, contact John Lund at or call 650-692-7777.