Top 10 Contest List

Top 10 Contest List

These are the ten most popular radio contests:

1. Secret Sound
2. Name Game
3. Say It and Win
4. The Dollar Bill Game
5. Cash Call
6. Song of the Day
7. Secret Song Scramble
8. 9-2-5
9. Hi-Lo
10. The Birthday Game

Lund Media offers a number of proven contest and promotion ideas to meet your programming and marketing goals. Ask us for specific info on a contest listed here. Note that a particular contest may have several names, or two contests with the same name can be conducted differently. Thus, customizing is likely needed. Many contests can be sold to clients. The ten promotions above are big contests designed for ratings sweeps. Also, consider connecting a promotion to a timely event, top TV show or movie release to spark awareness.

For over 200 tested and proven radio contests and promotions, see the Lund Contest and Promotions Guide.


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