Seeing Is Believing; The Visuals of Radio

Seeing Is Believing; The Visuals of Radio

Radio is THE audio medium.  Understandably, the first thing we broadcasters think about is how we sound yet our external marketing is almost all visual.  Nowhere is this visual presence more powerful than on social media.  When listeners follow your station on Facebook, what are you bringing to their feed?

Are there auto-posts on Facebook that may be good information on the station website but not right for Facebook?  If people aren’t having a positive experience that leaves a lasting impression of your brand on social media, they may not buy into it.

Here are some tips for your visual social media marketing from Cincinnati programmer Bo Matthews:

  • The person who monitors your Facebook account must focus on visuals.  The quality must be up to Facebook standards or it won’t make an impact.
  • Encourage talents to engage with listeners online (on the station’s accounts, not their own).
  • Set appointments with fun visuals to encourage on air listening.
  • Don’t rely on auto-posts.  Not everything deserves to be on Facebook.
  • Are you using appropriate geo-targeting tools that social networks provide?
  • Post items of value and interest, not just for the sake of posting.

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