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Grab a Bigger Share of Remote Dollars 

Sell the Sizzle: Visibility is essential for marketing. Remotes make money. But what makes them special…and worth a higher price? Have you noticed how sizzling fajitas catch the attention of everyone in a restaurant? This marketing tip works for radio remotes, too. Adding the sizzle to your live broadcasts builds more traffic for the client, and it generates interest for your station and clients as well.

You want to draw larger crowds to your remotes and your advertisers? Create bigger impact? Make more money?

Get the Lund Remote Stylebook for proven rules to make your “on-location” sales remote work better for the client and the station. Learn new ways to sell the remote, how to stage the cutaway so it doesn’t sound like clutter, and make it a fun, show biz event.

You’ll have more successful remotes as you repackage them to sound great and make more money.

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