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Lund Strategic Programming Evaluation

Are you looking for a time efficient market analysis of your station and the competition? Or: Are you launching a station and need to know what format is best?

The Lund Consultants’ Strategic Programming Evaluation analyzes the market and client stations, and provides a strategic course for the future. The foundation of our review is based on what’s programmed over the air. While we conduct some competitive aircheck reviews via website streams, we are typically in your market for several days. We record airchecks of your stations and the competition, review your music software and Arbitron ratings, examine contests and sales promotions, and meet with your programming staff. The Lund consulting team then reviews all airchecks, writes critiques of on-air programming formatics and talents, and details a strategic analysis for each station.

Our recommendations are contained in a detailed written report. This evaluation defines programming opportunities as apparent from critical listening and provides – among other areas – a comprehensive checklist of format and execution suggestions, music playlist and software adjustments, promotional ideas, plus talent and news delivery, all to move the stations forward.   The written report provides a detailed written SWOT report of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – covering music, programming, marketing, promotion, and websites.

For more on the Lund Strategic Programming Evaluation, contact or call us at 650-692-7777.