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Phony Commercials A+B


Have Fun…with your listeners. Add more humor to the morning show with a humorous commercial like no other! Or, if your station plays network spots and you’re tired of hearing the same network PSAs, cover them with a funny, fake commercial.

These humorous spots are 30-60 seconds and fully produced. The spots include adopting a lion from Africa, US Army barge repair, buying a Boeing 747, owning an island in the Pacific, vacationing in Throop PA, becoming a rock and roll DJ, Tom Brady’s miracle diet, and many more fake topics and products.

Brighten your morning show…and your station with these funny commercials!

Volume A – 17 fake commercials
Volume B – 17 more fake commercials

Volume A is sold separately if you’d like just the first 17… just head back to the Services page of the Resource Center to find it. You can buy all 34 fake commercials on this page.