Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

This Week in The Lund Letter:  
>   Options – Fine-tune or change format?
>   Show prep ideas from Scott Shannon
>   Planning your fall promotion

Radio’s Share of Ear…plus other Trends

Lund Programming Clinic: Format Roulette

roulette.jpgHistory repeats itself… in life and in radio.  One can learn a lot about how a particular radio format or format niche will succeed in the future, based on track records of popular formats today and their format trends in the past.  Formats often take ratings roller coaster rides for a variety of reasons.  Country and CHR listenership has been affected by current music being released by core artists.  Gold based formats like Classic Rock and Classic Hits are adding “newer” music and dropping older songs.  Every format has had its hills and valleys.  When listeners leave a format, stations consider jumping ship to try something different.

When evaluating your station’s format or considering a new course, analyze ratings, audience acceptance, advertiser campaign success or lack thereof, and review every aspect of your station – especially the music and talent presentation.   Stations conduct market research or a thorough programming evaluation to find out why their station isn’t doing well before changing format or making a change.

Areas to consider when planning a format change:

>   Your market is different.  A format that is successful in one city may not work in your market.

>   Don’t lose confidence in the station’s format too quickly.  While some formats are instant successes, others grow slowly in popularity.

>   Watch the herding instinct of doing the same thing musically and formatically as other stations.  When every station does a thirty-minute music sweep, no one owns the image (except perhaps the first station that did it).

>   Pay attention to advertiser successes and how well clients do.  This may be one of the most important ways to gauge how well the station and format are doing.

>   Program for the total cume, and make the station mass appeal.  Niche formats are sometimes helpful in blocking or protecting a sister property, but they tend to suffer ratings spikes and declines because the cume is insufficient to allow adequate sampling in every sweep.  A niche format can be very exclusive to too few listeners.

>   Super-serve the core listeners but make sure the “house” is large enough for a big cumulative audience.  Often what appeals to P1s will also convert P2s to stronger partisans.  Continually invite new listeners into the format and station.

>   Rely on the 3 M’s – Music, Mornings and Marketing – to garner home run ratings and revenue.  While music dominates midday and afternoon listening, a good morning show is the cornerstone of a strong station.  Talents must sound relatable in every break, garner listener talk, be fun or funny, and sell cross-daypart listening (recycling to workday, etc.).

>   Focus on local listeners, not necessarily what’s hot or working in other markets.  Local conditions, competition, ethnic makeup, heritage, and station perceptions dictate success.

When it comes to format roulette, look before you leap.  Don’t change formats too quickly. Fine-tuning your present format may be a good option.  The best format in radio tends to be longevity; consistency has its benefits.  Seek strategic advice as to how to make your station better.

What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and How To Fix It

The Lund Programming Evaluation is a work intensive research project that analyzes your stations and formats and outlines enhancements.  What we do…

+   Monitor all area radio stations using websites and streams.

+   Analyze rating software to better understand strengths and opportunities.

+   Conduct a music audit of each station’s playlist, category rotations and clocks within their music software.

+   Conduct air talent reviews and report on how they execute their format and basics.

The Lund team focuses on format, music, ratings, talent performance, on-air presentation, formatics, imaging, and station “uniqueness” (Stationality). Contact John Lund to discuss your challenges and how a Programming Evaluation can benefit your company.

Lund Talent Coaching: Presentation Advice from the Pros

djscottshannon.jpgWhen you ask America’s top radio personalities about how they prepare for their show, you get great ideas that will benefit every talent.  This week’s guest: Scott Shannon, morning host of WCBS-FM in New York.

1.   Carry a recording device at all times (smartphones work).
2.   Read everything.
3.   Watch everything.
4.   Hang out with normal people.
5.   Seize the moment.
6.   Create talk.
7.   Always remember these three words: preparation, concentration, and moderation.

Invest In Your Career

Are you a talent (personality or news) currently working at a station?  Are you at the start of your career? Radio personalities who systemize their approach to prepping and presenting their shows realize improved performances and higher ratings.  Want to know the benchmarks that listeners like most?  The Lund Consultants coach and develop talents for improved performance and higher ratings.  Contact John to find out how he can assist your performance for higher ratings, better formatics, or career advancement.  John has developed major market and network personalities as well as assisting talents in all markets better serve their listeners.  Email John Lund.  

Lund’s Top 3:  Promotion Planning Checklist

Top3B.jpgFall Nielsen and Eastlan rating sweeps begin September 12. Do you have all the necessary promotions in place for fall? Use our helpful hints to thoroughly plan each step of every fall promotion:

1.   Create a contest that will impact listeners, and write contest rules detailing how the promotion works. Be sure the contest is legal and watch those three pesky ingredients of a lottery: prize, chance, and consideration.

2.   Write imaging that effectively promotes the contest.  Produced promos sell the sizzle; live liners provide urgency and repetition. Update them often to stimulate interest. Create outlandish production!

3.   Schedule promos often; outline start dates for teasers, liners, promos, winners’ promos, and post-promos.

Next week, more promotion planning tips for fall.  For more Top 3 lists, check out

Amp Up Your Radio Show

personguidecov.pngImprove the planning, presentation and sound of your show.  The Radio Personality Guide has all the tools that radio personalities need to grow and sound better.  This is the #1 best-selling e-book designed for air talents of all formats… and their PDs.  The updated Guide provides hundreds of tools and new ideas to make your show better.  This book with help you grow your audience, connect better with listeners, and sound terrific!

Order the Lund Radio Personality Guide here.

Promotion of the Week: Labor Day Clean Sweep

parkcleanup.jpgStage a sidewalk, street, or park clean-up.  Everyone who turns in a bag full of trash (pass out station logo bags so no one brings trash from home) is entered to win a “clean sweep” of prizes or gets to be in a drawing to go through a certain store and take all they can get in X minutes/seconds.

Do You Need A Great Promotion?

beachkick.jpgOur Summer and Fall Promotions Guides outline every programming and sales promotion you’ll need for the months ahead.  Over 100 audience-building promotions, contests, sales promotions and show prep ideas will make your stations sizzle right now and through summer … and help the sales staff lock in new dollars.

Order our Fall Promotions Guide now and receive the Summer Promotions Guide free.   Order here to get both guides.

Lund Trend Watch:

Election Ad Spending

kantarlogo19.pngThe upcoming US election is expected to see $6 billion in political advertising spend.  Kantar breaks down the forecast numbers:

+   Broadcast TV $3.2 billion
+   Cable TV $1.2 billion
+   Digital $1.2 billion
+   Radio $400 million

The overloaded Democratic nominee list may mean less spending in the end.  If the fight to get down to one nominee goes on too long, that candidate will have less time to raise money and spend it on ads for the actual presidential election.

Top Online Grocers

toponlinegrocers.pngRetail firm Field Agent surveyed over 3,000 people who are the primary purchaser of groceries for their households.  66% said they expect to buy more groceries online within the next five years.  And where are today’s online grocery shoppers getting their food?  Many shop more than one location (mostly in search of deals).

>   Walmart 82%
>   Amazon 35%
>   Target 29%
>   Instacart 17%
>   Shipt 7%

Note that Instacart and Shipt are delivery services, not retailers.  Shipt was acquired by Target in 2017, but the average shopper may have been unaware of that until a current national Target TV ad campaign that features delivery people in Shipt uniforms.  Are local grocers able to deliver in your market?  Are they advertising that fact on your station(s)?

Share of Ear

shareofear19.pngAM/FM radio still has a reach of 92% of the American listening audience, according to the titular study by Edison Research.  What’s not so healthy?  TSL.  AM/FM radio has taken a 33 minute hit with daily time spent listening going from 137 minutes in 2014 to 104 minutes this year.  The four hours of audio listening the average person does in a day has not changed.  The growing variety of digital listening options is taking share from other sources.  Make sure your digital stream sounds as good as your air to ensure some of those minutes spent listening as well.  Over the air radio still wins in car by far – 78% of people listen to AM/FM in their primary vehicle; the closest competitor, “owned music,” is only listened to by 17%.  And according to recent Billboard research, the #1 destination for Country music is still radio!

Planning Your State Broadcast Convention?

fullconf.jpgJohn Lund’s positive, fast-moving presentation, “The Science of Growing Your Audience,” includes training and coaching guidelines on the basics of attaining higher ratings and more listeners.  Topics include the “basics” of radio programming, America’s top formats: who listens and why, tactics to get more listeners, talent coaching, and how to make voice tracking sound live and local.  This presentation will be customized and expanded to meet your members’ needs.  EmailJohn Lund for availability and more info.

Next week in the Lund Letter: the Rules of Great Programming!

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