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Lund Music Director

Outsource Your Music!

You will save a LOT of Money AND your station will sound terrific! We can make your programming budget go farther, and your station sound better. The Lund Music Director service saves the man-hours (and all the time spent talking to record promoters) spent by your GM wearing one too many hats, and puts your music in the hands of the pros. We start by reviewing your library, rotations and clocks. We cut out the weak songs and personal favorites and add new music based on solid research. We update your music software weekly.

Here’s the great news: We can program your daily music for you for as little as $375 a month. Most of all, you’ll have experts in both music and scheduling software on your team. We work with the three major music software companies, so chances are we can put our music muscle to work for you!

For more on the Lund Music Director, contact or call us at 650-692-7777.