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Your clients appreciate the large qualitative audience, terrific demos, and formatic tuning of Lund-designed “must-hear” News-Talk and Sports radio. While Rush is credited for bringing back AM, he continues to ride high in ratings. The Lund Consultants, Inc. work hard to keep the audience strong and coming back. The contemporary talk formats work magic on AM or FM, with or without the top tier syndicated talk shows. 


The network shows already sound too similar, and there are precious few local shows anymore. The local ones that exist will do well to chart their own course and not try to copy the talking heads. Look for someone to break through and actually allow callers to be part of the mix again. And don’t underestimate the effect of the upcoming Presidential election.


For compelling content, an active audience, and sizzling promotions and liners, talk “talk radio” with The Lund Consultants. We've made the format a top ratings and revenue attraction for clients across the US…in Lincoln, Eugene, New York, Milwaukee, Youngstown, Reno, Grand Forks, and even in Cape Girardeau, MO – Rush Limbaugh's home town! We deliver audience and ratings to radio.


For information on how the Lund Consultants can assist your station(s) in this or any format, including specially designed custom formats, contact John Lund at

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